At Whiteland Corporation, we believe that every project is not just a construction; it's a journey, a dream that we turn into reality. The recent Bhoomi Poojan ceremony at Blissville marked the inception of something truly exceptional – a haven where luxury meets family, and aspirations come to life.

Blissville isn't just a residential project; it's a sanctuary for those who seek a life of serenity, comfort, and opulence. We've meticulously designed these low-rise luxury floors, keeping in mind the essence of family living. Imagine spending quality time with your loved ones in spaces like the Gymnasium, Indoor Badminton Court, Library, and more. These aren't just amenities; they are the building blocks of cherished family moments.

Come, be a part of a community where luxury, family, and aspiration converge. Your dream lifestyle awaits amidst these low-rise luxury floors. Blissville – where dreams find their home.


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